I am pleased to announce my bid to be the next United Conservative Party Candidate in Calgary-Glenmore!

When I was a child, I was raised to believe that hard work was rewarded. I was taught that individuals could choose how they wanted to live their lives. And most of all, I was shown by the example of my own mother and father, that parents, and not government, were responsible for raising their children.

In the mid 90’s, I moved to Calgary with my parents and watched my totally blind father start and successfully run his own small business. My parents could have chosen any city to plant their roots, but they chose Calgary for its entrepreneurial spirit, prairie work ethic, and inclusive and compassionate society.

Since 2015 I have watched half of my graduating class move away, seen my friends postpone their dream of starting a family, and interacted with hundreds businessmen that are on the verge of giving up.

The provincial government should be focused on staying out of way the of job creators, finding ways to cut taxes and reduce red tape for entrepreneurs, and developing new ways to make Alberta a destination for global capital. Instead, we see taxes climbing to pay for immorally high deficits, and despite the increased taxes, those deficits are still climbing to unprecedented levels.

Economists predict our provincial deficit will balloon to nearly $100,000,000,000 ($100 Billion) by 2019. The closest example we have to this was in Alberta history was in 1992.

At that time Ralph Klein took over a province that had gone so far off the tracks that they had accumulated $32 billion dollars in debt. It took Ralph a hard fought 12 years before he could boast the famous ‘paid in full’ signs in 2004. How long will that take to pay off $100,000,000,000? How many families, seniors, and small businesses be punished for the reckless behavior of the NDP? At the same rate that it took the Ralph Klein to pay off the debt, it will take Alberta until 2056 to pay off this debt. I hope to be retired by 2056.

I am running because after nearly a decade of experience in the private sector, I have experienced firsthand how businesses are able to consistently stretch what they can achieve with every dollar, yet our governments only seems to get bigger and bigger with every budget.

It is time to renew the Conservative message of prosperity and freedom! As a party, we need to create new methods of embracing younger voters, and paint a positive Conservative vision that will draw people from all walks of life. The Conservative message is about freedom and liberty which are is things that millennials would be voting for each and every election if we have the right message.

Please join me in my fight to restore the Alberta that rewards hard work and success, rather than punishing it.

I warmly welcome your thoughts, questions and criticisms – please reach out to me at any time.


Philip Schuman
For Calgary Glenmore UCP

Philip Schuman addresses a UCP audience, October 2017

Philip Schuman addresses a UCP audience, October 2017