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Press Release:


November 15, 2017

Philip Schuman, a local Calgarian and long-term resident of Southwest Calgary, has officially entered what is shaping up to be a highly contested battle for the Calgary-Glenmore UCP Nomination.

Schuman explains, “The way this NDP government is gambling with my future and the future of Alberta families is immoral. I can no longer watch the lava of bad policy, bloated government, rising debt, and growing taxes relentlessly spew from Edmonton. This impacts every corner of the province and must be stopped and reversed”.

“My father, who is blind from birth, came to Alberta because he knew this province rewarded hard work. When I was very young, he successfully started and continued to run his own small business. But in today’s business climate, he would not have come to Alberta.”

“I hear people dismiss the bad times, blaming the oil prices for our misfortunes. While it is true that the government cannot control international commodity prices, it does not explain why Saskatchewan, a province that sees a larger percentage of their GDP dependent on oil & gas, does not have unemployment the way Alberta does. As my friends leave Alberta, there is a very high chance that they are heading to Saskatchewan where the economy is more stable. Government policy matters.”

“The NDP seemed so excited about Amazon considering Calgary as their headquarters, which is a good step. But if we cannot get excited about a two-person business moving from another province to Alberta, we will never attract the big companies!”

Schuman concluded by stating that over the coming weeks he will be releasing individual policies addressing the issues that he has identified above.

“We need to communicate the vision of prosperity found in Conservative values. You can expect fresh policies and ideas in the coming weeks of how we will restore Alberta and attract new Albertans to the Conservative movement. After all, financial responsibility should not be a left or right issue, it should be expected of any government.”

About Philip Schuman

After nearly a decade working in the private sector (risk management), Philip is running in Calgary-Glenmore to bring a forward-thinking, proactive, business-oriented, and common sense approach to the provincial government. Philip is a homeowner in Calgary-Glenmore (Braeside) and has lived within Calgary-Glenmore for over 25 years.

In addition to his business experience, Philip brings a strong background of community service. He is the Vice President of the Braeside Community Association, sits on the board of Vertigo Theatre (Chair of Community Outreach Committee), and is the Director of Active Living on the The Alberta Sports and Recreation Association for the Blind (ASRAB) board. Philip has volunteered on Conservative campaigns at all levels of government in Southwest Calgary for over ten years and still continues to raise thousands of dollars for the Conservative cause.

Philip will fight for free enterprise- enabling policy to ensure a vibrant future for all Albertans.